Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello - new post reading patient people!

Lots to update - most importantly we have been accepted into 2 not 1 but 2 new film festivals and they are good ones at that. Thank you programmers for seeing our film for it's true self.

July 20 and 22nd 'ninety-one' will screen at the 2010 Indianapolis International Film Festival. We are screening with a group of films under the shorts program 'The Kid Stays In The Picture'.

I was recently in Indianapolis for the Indy 500 (my friend Alex Tagliani qualified for the race in 6th position and finished the grueling race in 10th - congrats). While there I had the chance to meet Lisa Trifone the programmer for the festival and a very nice, film loving girl. She told me a little about the festival - we screen at a great venue, IMA - Indianapolis Museum of Art. Awesome. It's going to be fun. Those of you who know me, know I like car racing and have dabbled in that field through television. So I am hoping that some of my friends in the racing car industry might be able to come out for the screenings.

The second film festival we are screening at is the 2010 Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival. I don't have an exact date yet but it will be sometime in mid August. I screened at RIIFF with my first film 'moment'. It was one of the best festivals I attended during that film's festival run. It is well run, friendly, supportive and takes place in the beautiful town of Providence. I will look forward to going back.

Last week I had a fellow filmmaker Kellie Anne Benz approach me to be a part of an article she was writing for her regular column on the NSI (National Screen Institute) website and for the newsletter. Kellie writes about short filmmaking and has a blog called The Shorts Report along with her NSI column. Today she sent me the link to Part One of the article. I will post the link to this article and the festivals but you will be find them one the right side of the blog if the links don't work in this post.
(I know, I know I have to figure this linking stuff out....)

The final bit of good news.....some of you many know that I have been working on my third short film 'Little Larry'. We have been in a holding pattern going on 3 months all because I have been searching high and low for the perfect song. We, I had the perfect song but it was one that was WAY too expensive! So in lieu of that song, I and a team of great people helped me look. We either tried to compose something or searched everywhere for an already existing song that fit the bill. Well the search is over!! We now have a song that isn't going to break the bank and works wonderfully. Yippee! I am so ready and excited to be finishing this comedy film up.

Till next time - Jill

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